Hey Foodies! Welcome to Geo’s Table!

As a creative professional, I  have always had a great appreciation and love for arts and culture. Moving to the “City of Brotherly Love” nearly five years ago, I began to notice that at the center of these experiences there was always one delightful constant: FOOD. 

In 2014 I began sharing my  “food-ventures” via my instagram.  THIS is where Geo’s Table was born! Since then, I have sought ways to engage my circle of friends and colleagues about cuisine and the ways in which it intersects with culture. 

My philosophy is simple: Eat Well. Share Experiences. Cultivate Community.

By offering you my personal insight and tips on food culture (Philly and beyond!) as well as allowing you to witness my adventures in cooking at home and food photography,  I look forward to giving you a little bite of my world.

Welcome to Geo’s Table…grab an empty seat! 

NOTE: A very SPECIAL THANKS to my good friend, Christopher Moy for designing my logo and being a sounding board for my site design!


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