30: The Transferable Skills that Food Blogging Builds with Meiko Temple of Meiko and the Dish

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Meiko Temple is a self-taught home cook and the vibrant personality behind the food blog Meiko And The Dish, where she shares fresh and soulful recipes inspired by her upbringing. In addition to being at the helm of her own blog, Meiko is also a very successful freelance creative director and consultant who is skilled at helping brands bring their ideas to their life. She is passionate about uplifting and creating spaces for historically underrepresented food creatives and the organizer behind the wildly popular Black History Month Virtual Potluck and Juneteenth Virtual Cookout.

In this episode, Meiko shares why she left her job in corporate America to pursue blogging full time and the skills she’s been able to cultivate as a result of taking that leap. In the table topic, Meiko offers some insight into the transferable skills she’s developed as a result of food blogging and how they have contributed to her professional success in other areas.

Learn more about Meiko Temple and Meiko and the Dish below:

Special Announcement

Myself, Meiko and some other very talented Black content creators have joined forces to create Eat the Culture. The purpose of Eat the Culture is to create community-centered spaces that nurture, support & amplify Black culinary creators. To kick-off this entity, we have created our first “Eat the Culture Video Challenge” including a video course that will teach you how to make crave able tasty style videos. If you’re a Black culinary creator who’s interested in joining our challenge or who wants access to our free course visit EatTheCulture.com today to learn more and to sign up.

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