Episode 16: A Taste of Argentinian Cuisine with Chef Jezabel Careaga of Jezabel’s Cafe

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Chef Jezabel Careaga is the owner of Jezebel’s Cafe and Bakery located in West Philadelphia. Although her roots lie in Palpalá which is located in Northwest Argentina, her restaurant has made a notable stamp on the Philly food scene winning a Best of Philly Award in 2019.

In this episode, Jezabel discusses how sharing the cuisine of her childhood has helped center the unique and intimate experience she offers at her restaurant. She also highlights how her grandmother’s love and memory inspired the “If my grandma were to cook for you” Chef Series. In the table topic, Jezabel teaches us how to make one of her favorite Argentinian comfort foods made simply from carrot greens and eggs.

Learn more about Chef Jezabel Careaga and Jezabel’s Cafe below.

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