22: Pursuing a Second Career as a Professional Chef with Rasheeda Purdie of Ramen By Ra

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From styling A-List celebrities on Fifth Avenue to working under the tutelage of famous chefs like Marcus Samuelson and JJ Johnson, Chef Rasheeda Purdie boasts an impressive resume full of vibrant experiences, all of which she has poured into her ramen business, Ramen by Rā. Launched during the global pandemic, Ramen by Rā offers exclusive “dine-in” ramen experiences for guests to indulge in the comfort of their own homes.

In this episode, Rasheeda shares how and why she decided to explore becoming a professional, and how her curiosity, creativity, and commitment to lifelong learning aided her in making that leap. She also shares how her business, Ramen by Rā was birthed through deep appreciation, education, and passion for ramen and its origins in Asia. In the table topic, she gives her tips for making healthy and versatile ramen dishes at home.

If you’re in the New York area and would like an opportunity to support her – Rāsheeda is currently doing a special Juneteenth Roots + Ramen experience! You can also learn more about Rāsheeda, follow her cooking adventures and stay up-to-date on her upcoming experiences below:

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