21: Becoming an International Food & Culture Writer with Margo Gabriel

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Margo Gabriel is a freelance writer and cookbook editor from Boston, MA. Her writing has been published in Boston Art Review, Cuisine Noir, Edible Boston, Fodor’s, Popsugar, the New York Times and Solstice Literary Magazine. Earlier this year, Margo fulfilled a long-term goal of moving abroad to Lisbon, Portugal where she is currently enrolled in a graduate program.

In this episode, Margo gives us insight into how she was able to build her career as a freelance writer focusing on food and culture. She also shares how she made her dream of moving to Portugal a reality. In the table topic, Margo provides her perspective on Black food culture in Portugal and recommends some of her favorite restaurants and dishes.

Learn more about Margo Gabriel and read some of her pieces below:

Articles written by Margo Gabriel mentioned in this episode:

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