24: Why All Chefs Need to Travel with Chef Cleophus Hethington Jr. of Triangular Traded Spices

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Chef Cleophus “Ophus” Hethington is a talented chef from Miami who has been featured in Cuisine Noir, Atlanta Magazine, Eater, and the Miami Herald. Beginning his career in the U.S. Navy, Chef Ophus has a passion for traveling, and specifically how the African diaspora has historically and continues to impact the cuisine and spices of the world. He was able to turn this passion for travel and history into multiple businesses including his pop-up dinner series “Ebi Chop Bar” as well as a boutique spice company, Triangular Traded Spices. He notes that Triangular Traded Spices was created to “honor the diversity of the African diaspora and its communities through its thoughtfully sourced, small-batch, organic, and unabashedly bold handcrafted spice blends.”

In this episode, Chef Ophus shares the experiences that led him to pursue a career as a chef, and how travel helped to expand his horizons. In the Table Topic, he provides an overview of each of his Triangular Traded Spices, the history behind one of his favorites, and how he uses these spices across various dishes.

Learn more about Chef Ophus and Triangular Traded Spices below:

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