23: Cultivating Authenticity as a Food Blogger with Marta Rivera Diaz of Sense and Edibility

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Marta Rivera Diaz is a formally trained chef with more than 25 years of cooking and baking experience. She created her blog Sense & Edibility to encourage advanced and novice cooks, alike, to explore and succeed at executing culinary fundamentals and techniques never before explained to them. Marta melds her multicultural background and extensive travel history into creative recipes that inspire others. She is the proud wife of a retired U.S. Army soldier and the proud mother of 15-year-old twins and currently lives in San Antonio, Texas.

In this episode, Marta shares how her path into a culinary career was greatly influenced by her Puerto Rican and Black heritage, military upbringing, and formal education. She also gives us her advice on bringing your full authentic self to your blog, and how to best combat the imposter syndrome many of us experience as we build our brands. In the table topic, Marta shares a special dish that represents her multicultural background and gives us some history on each of the ingredients.

Learn more about Marta and Sense & Edibility below:

Recipes mentioned by Marta in this episode:


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