Episode 18: Social Media’s impact on Black-Owned Food Businesses with KJ Kearney of Black Food Fridays

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KJ Kearney is the founder, creator, and viral social media influencer behind Black Food Fridays. Black Food Fridays is a call-to-action centered around the economic empowerment of Black-owned businesses. Black Food Fridays encourages everyone to support a Black-owned food and/or beverage business every Friday.

In this episode, KJ shares how Black Food Fridays grew from a simple way concept to support black-owned food businesses into a social media sensation and platform that educates the masses on Black food history and uplifts the importance of economic empowerment in the Black community. He also gives his advice on staying true to yourself and your purpose while creating results-driven social media content. Before he goes, KJ drops some knowledge by sharing one of his favorite black food facts.

Learn more about KJ Kearney, and Black Food Fridays below:

Mentioned by KJ Kearney in this episode:

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