Welcome to Table 86 Podcast

For some time, I have pondered ways I can expand my platform to support other creatives of color. Through Geo’s Table, I have met so many dope and inspiring folks who are truly changing the game as it come to the food industry. I wanted to find a way to bring their stories and their triumphs to life and to do my part to provide them with just a little shine.

I’m launching my own PODCAST y’all!

Table 86 is a biweekly podcast centered on creatives of color transforming the landscape of the food and beverage industry. Through fun and candid conversations, I will explore how we are making necessary waves in an industry that has historically left us out.

You can listen to the Season 1 Promo above to get a taste of some of the featured guests.

Episodes will launch in the next few weeks! You can subscribe now on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

Stayed tuned!

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