Episode 9: Wine Tasting Basics with Vincent Moten of Elevate Your Tastes

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As an avid fan of wine, I’m always looking for opportunities to expand my palate. That’s why it was my pleasure to be joined by wine guru, and educator Vincent Moten.

With a career as a sales representative in the beverage industry, Vincent got his initial exposure to the complexities of wine through work-related training courses. This quickly turned into a passion, as he became the resident “Wine Guy” for his family and friends.

In 2016, Vince started his business Elevate Your Tastes, as a platform to share his wine knowledge more broadly. Since then this has evolved from a space where he casually shared wine reviews and recommendations to thought-provoking curated wine tasting experiences in your home and online.

In this episode, we discuss what influenced his love for wine and how he cultivates this passion in others through Elevate Your Tastes. He also highlights one of his newest collaborations Fellas, Food, and Wine, a virtual tasting experience with other black men in the wine industry. Vince leaves us his tips for making trying new wines a less intimidating process and highlights some fantastic black-owned wine brands to get you started on your wine tasting journey.

Learn more about Vince and his business at elevateyourtastes.com or by following him on Instagram and Twitter at @elevateyourtastes .

Here are the Black-owned wine brands Vince mentions in the episode, please support:

Red Wine

White Wine

Sparkling Wine


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