Episode 10: Why Representation Matters with Jasmine Lukuku of The Black Food Bloggers Club

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It will come as no surprise that equitable representation is a large issue across the food and beverage industry. And with recent events bringing this problem to the forefront, creatives of colors are demanding that companies address these disparities.

That’s why it was so necessary to be joined by an international brand strategist and blogging expert, Jasmine Lukuku.

In 2016, Jasmine founded The Black Food Bloggers Club, an online platform for black food bloggers to share resources, be connected to opportunities, and to network in a safe space. In this episode, we discuss her passion for uplifting other black creatives and how she has created initiatives that drive representation and combat the default whiteness in the food and beverage industry. Before she leaves, Jasmine shares her expert tips on how to pitch yourself to brands and companies you are looking to work with.

Learn more about Jasmine and her by following her on Instagram (@jasminelukuku) and Twitter (@jasminelukuku).

To learn more about The Black Food Bloggers Club and discover new black food bloggers you can follow their Instagram feed @blackfoodbloggers .

You can also learn more about joining The Black Food Blogger club, and check out the directory at Black Food Bloggers Directory.

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