Episode 5: The Best of Instagram (Food Edition)

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In this extra special episode, I’m joined by two of my favorite foodies and dear friends, Sherrod of Slice and Torte and Quin of Butter be Ready, to discuss our favorite food-focused Instagram accounts and bloggers in a number of categories ranging from recipe development and photography to cocktails and food styling.

Sherrod is half of the dynamic duo at the helm of the blog Slice and Torte. A jack of all trades with a podcast, Instagram account, and YouTube channel, Sherrod showcases an impressive collection of savory recipes and culinary videos that will make your mouth water.

Quin of Butter be Ready is an inventive self-taught chef and baker whose blog has been featured by Essence Magazine as a Black Female Blogger to follow. A woman of many talents, not only does Quin uses her blog to share a wide array of food recipes and gorgeous food photography, but she also uses her social media presence to feed fearlessly tackle issues facing communities of color, LGBTQ individuals, and women.

Learn more about Sherrod (and his gifted sidekick Danielle) by subscribing to their blog and podcaa=st at sliceandtorte.com, or by following them on Instagram at @sliceandtorte. You can also follow Quin’s cooking adventures on her blog: butterbeready.com or on Instagram at @butterbeready.

Listen now and check out below to see our votes for each category:

Best of Instagram Picks

Flat-Bay Bae

The best photography based on your own personal set of criteria.

Bad and Boozy

A beverage brand, mixologist or bartending focused instagram feed.

Recipe Rewind

An Instagram / blogger whose recipes we love and make regularly.

The Sweet Life

A baking focused category that highlights someone who has mastered the art of baking.

Wild Card

Highlighting an instagrammer we feel are unique or who we admire.

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