14: Evolving as a Content Creator with Jazzmine Woodard of Dash of Jazz Blog

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Jazzmine Woodard is a young professional and content creator with Houston, TX roots and Nigerian heritage. In 2015, Jazzmine started her blog Dash of Jazz platform for her to share recipes with the goal of helping busy women balance what matters and live on their own terms.

In this episode, Jazzmine shares her beginnings as a food blogger and how she has evolved her wide array of content to include lifestyle, travel, and home design. She also offers insight into skills and strategies that have aided in her success as a content creator who photographs, writes, and manages her platforms all on her own. Before she leaves, Jazzmine gives us her tips for self-photography that will help enhance your brand and resonate with your audience.

Learn more about Jazzmine and Dash of Jazz below.

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